Our Values

Excellent customer service

We follow the golden rule!



Let kids be kids! We supply clothing that does not inhibit children from doing what they do best, moving and playing. All of apparel is soft, age-appropriate and comfortable for both mom and baby.


Supporting Sustainability

We care about our planet and your wallet! All of our products are great quality at affordable prices. We strive to offer items that will last for years to come and can be handed down or thrifted to others. All of our merchandise is shipped in either compostable bags or recyclable boxes, even our logo tape is recyclable! We also only offer electronic invoicing as a means to reduce waste.


Ethical Production

All of our products are sourced from locations with ethical labor practices. Most of our apparel is manufactured in South Korea, where they follow strict labor laws with a cap on hours worked per week as well as a minimum working age. 



We promote a minimalistic approach to apparel by supplying timeless pieces that are easy to mix and match.

Our Founder 


Hello All! My name is Tuesday and I am the founder of Crème. This boutique was inspired by my son as well as my life-long love of neutral colors and comfortability. I am a stay at home mom and began an obsession with searching for adorable baby clothes online. However, I found myself disappointed quite a few times after ordering online, only to squeeze my son into a stiff and itchy onesie that he grew out of in about a week! I was inspired to create something that would inspire others as well as provide clothing that is comfortable for our babies and allow them to move, play and grow as needed. I’ve learned so much during my time being a mother, one of which is that it can be so easy to forget about YOU. As mothers, we have given up our bodies for nine months and then give birth to a beautiful baby that we now take care of day in and day out. Our jobs (being mothers) are so gratifying, yet, there comes a time when things do become a bit overwhelming. I have come to the realization that it is so important not to forget about ourselves, that is why I made sure to include items for mothers in this boutique as well! I plan to build this as far and wide as I can so that all mothers and babies have the opportunity to live comfortably, sustainably and stylishly!


Thank you for your support